Missing Mama

Open your eyes
Every time you slip away a piece of me dies
The rain cries with me every day
There was so much more I needed to say

Photographs are not enough
To the world I may seem tough
But I bury the feelings inside
In whom can I confide?

I’m jealous of the peace I hope you feel
Here surrounded by layers of onions to peel
Yes, I have not forgotten…I miss you still
Mama, I fear I always will.


What the heart wants

the harder you try to impress me, the more i question your motives. i’m only interested in what’s in your heart, not a list of superlatives. if you take the time to listen to what i have to say, u’ve already made my day. they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but out of the mouth proceedeth what’s in the heart. so if you strip away all that is false and speak the truth to me, u’ll have won yourself a treasure far greater than any man could foresee….


The longer I look at you, the more I wish you were mine

My eyes light up in your presence, praise like that is hard to find

You are not in my dreams…at least not yet

But I am not afraid because what I want…I get!

I know that you are admired by many

But to you it doesn’t matter if I am rich or only have a penny

So I know I have a fighting chance

My plan is to make you fall in love with thoughts of our romance

I am not bothered about the others before me

For I know you have experience fishing in the sea

As long as I am your last

I can easily forget your past

Our union all depends on you knowing that I exist

So tomorrow I will remove the veil over your eyes and clear the fog and mist

I know you will embrace me with open arms

I come in peace and mean you no harm

I can already see us together holding hands

Making plans and exploring faraway lands

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that you and I should join

It’s meant to be I know it is…we are fitted together like two sides of the same coin

I can’t wait for tomorrow to come

My heart beats in my chest to the sound of an unknown drum

I wonder momentarily if your life like mine will be changed forever

But I already know that our bond is strong and will not sever

Alas, tomorrow is here

I wonder if you can tell how much I care

I have to raise my hand several times to get your attention

But you are worth the wait and the added tension

When all is said and done

And the gavel is banged to signal I’ve won

I’m happy to claim you as my prize

Don’t worry; I’m not fickle about size

All that matters is that my love is returned

And all my affections are not spurned

I’m not worried because I know you look for the beauty within

In this regard, we are akin

On the way home you don’t say a word

But silence is fine when no one needs to be heard

We are in sync… mind, body and soul just as I imagined it would be

Tonight, we are joined for eternity

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Dre

I don’t know what I can say or do to make it up to you

I’d prefer if you weren’t sad and blue

All I want is to see you smile

And hear your voice for a little while

I don’t like this silence between us

I thought we were just building up each other’s trust

Say you forgive me please

Don’t be cold and don’t be a tease

I need to know that we are okay

And that the dreams you have for us have not gone away

I’ll wait for you by our favourite spot

Please hurry because I miss you a lot

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am inspired to write…the source of my inspiration – unknown
I am inspired to sing…the notes of my tune – unwritten
I am inspired to believe…yet my thoughts are not my own
When all that is familiar comes crashing down…who will you turn to?
Who will be your inspiration?
I have dreamt of a world where you and I are free
Free of the shackles of our pride…our loneliness…our hatred
The sun shines in my dream and the earth warms my feet
In my heart I feel so much love that the coldness of the outer world cannot touch my soul
My every breath is but a snapshot in time
I look to you…and you are in awe
The colours, the energy, the beauty just overwhelms you
Your smile shows your content but not your peace
You long to unearth the mysteries of your surroundings
It is not enough just to accept the pleasures that envelop you
What would put your mind at rest?…to know all the secrets of this land?
I don’t have all the answers…even if, I would not share
For even then you would not be free of your worries
Even then…you’d lack inspiration
But not knowing is eating at you
So strong is this desire…your pride and hatred emerge from their barren home
Driving me away from your side and from your thoughts
I am sad now…because you have shattered my dream
Because you have brought the coldness in…
When all was good then what else did u need to seek
Your thirst is too great…I cannot quench…I am unsure what can

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 12:26am

Dreaming again

I dream you vividly now
I don’t know why, I don’t know how
is there some message you are trying to convey
please spell it out in black and white not shades of grey
I know I should not demand
you did not come of your own plan
but I am afraid you see of what you may bring
afraid of the tales you sing
my head aches and my heart beats fast
as I try to outrun my past
I know somehow I have become disconnected from you
I strayed from your principles as I grew
have you come to remind me of my promise
or to comfort and give solace
please reveal it to my mind
and I will try to follow in kind
you know my deepest, darkest fears
you are witness to my prayers
tell me everything will be alright
lull me into peaceful dreams throughout the night

Friday 06th August 2010 at 10:07pm


Sometimes I wish I had the answers
Sometimes I wish I could see into the unknown
If I could speak it and it would be…I’d speak the words to bring you back to me
I’ve lost track of how long it’s been
I often feel like your memories are fading from my mind
Your face, your eyes, your hand in mine…have all merged into my imagination
Where are you now? I am not sure…
Deep beneath the recesses of this earth…or beyond the depths where my mind cannot fathom
I want so badly to believe that you are well
But in my selfishness…I long for you to be with me…and only me
I long to see your smile once more…a smile smiled only for me
I long to taste the fruits of your hands…and feel the warmth of your embrace
My soul aches for your presence…my heart weeps in your absence
Though your eyes have closed, your dreams for me have become my dreams for myself
I live… taking in each breath with the knowledge that, that is what you would have wanted


Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 12:54am

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